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5/7/12 Iamsu!- Kilt
5/1/12 White Mic- Fightin Off Success
5/1/12 Cheats- Paper Chasing On A Dirty Block

4/24/12 Lil Rue- Pure Mob
4/24/12 Yukmouth- Half Baked
4/24/12 Kuzzn Bank- Ghost Of My Past
4/23/12 Erk Tha Jerk- Thirds Eye View
4/20/12 The Go Boyz- Everything Must Go
4/20/12 Del The Funky Homosapien- Root Stimulation
4/20/12 Shady Nate- The Drofessional
4/20/12 Yung Gee Lut- Definition Of Loyalty
4/20/12 Danked Out- Reloaded
4/17/12 Blanco & Nipsey Hussle- Raw
4/17/12 Mac Mall- The Rebellion Against All There Is
4/17/12 Balance- Golden State Warriorz 2
4/17/12 Sinner- Without Resemblance
4/17/12 Big Tef- Tha Hometown Hero
4/17/12 Louieville Slugga & Brotha Bro- LBMD: Louieville & Brotha Bro Makn Dollaz
4/10/12 Trey-C & Playa Rae- I.L.A.M. 2
4/10/12 Smoovie Baby- Young, Wild & Pretty
4/10/12 Double Barrel- Royal Firepower
4/6/12 Ghost Rydaz- How A Christian Roll
4/3/12 Laroo & Turf Talk- Sick-Wid-It Bloc Ops
4/3/12 Messy Marv- Shots Fired
4/2/12 Justo- Son Of A Biker

3/31/12 Adam J.R.- No Problem
3/30/12 Young Curt- I’m So Bay Wit It
3/28/12 Locksmith- Labyrinth
3/27/12 San Quinn & E.Klips Da Hustla- Detrimental 2: No Mercy
3/27/12 YOC- Y.O.City
3/26/12 E-40- The Block Brochure: Welcome To The Soil, Pt. 1
3/26/12 E-40- The Block Brochure: Welcome To The Soil, Pt. 2
3/26/12 E-40- The Block Brochure: Welcome To The Soil, Pt. 3
3/26/12 Laroo- Take The Stage
3/26/12 NHT Boyz- Yangland

2/25/12 Y.Reasons- Hennessy & Rose
2/17/12 West Ghost- Showtime
2/14/12 The Mekanix- Chop Shop
2/14/12 Lil Blood- Methadone Kick The Habbit

1/19/12 Magruff Muttley- His Mixtape Collection
1/17/12 The Jacka- The Verdict
1/17/12 Sleepdank- Still King Of My City
1/13/12 Homewrecka- On The Stove
1/10/12 Young Lox- Loxycotin: A Futuristic Voyage
1/6/12 H2 Hardheadz- Welcome To Trife City
1/3/12 Da Tykoon- Get On Ya Grind EP
1/3/12 80′s Babiez- Back To The 80s
1/1/12 Philthy Rich & The Hoodstarz- The Conspiracy

12/24/11 Young Curt- Selfmade Mixtape Volume 1
12/22/11 Stevie Joe- Open Shop
12/13/11 Young Lox- Retro Mob
12/10/11 Dub Da Mac- Made It This Far
12/10/11 Mia Meow- Born To Stack
12/9/11 V-Nasty & Gucci Mane- Baytl
12/9/11 Da Tykoon- Gettin 2 Da Money
12/6/11 Young Gully- David
12/6/11 Mistah F.A.B.- I Found My Backpack 2: The Lost Notebook
12/6/11 Cellski- Big Mafi The Don
12/1/11 Ricky Mena- Ricky Mena

11/29/11 Dregs One- The Wake Up Call
11/23/11 Chili-Bo- Fresh Cutz
11/21/11 Balance & Dae One- B-Dae
11/21/11 Omalie- I’m From Oakland
11/16/11 Joe Blow- International Blow
11/15/11 Locksmith- Embedded
11/15/11 M-Dash- Vallejo Means Vallejo
11/15/11 Messy Marv Presents Goon Vitamins Bottle 3
11/11/11 Paul Allen & Lil Rue- 10 Toes Down
11/11/11 Young Haitti- Graffiti
11/8/11 DJ Rah2k- Return Of The Bad Guy
11/8/11 Lateef The Truth Speaker- Firewire
11/8/11 Shad Gee- It’s Bigga
11/8/11 Blast Holiday- Ice City: The Coldest Winter Ever
11/1/11 Stevie Joe- 21.0 Grams
11/1/11 Illa Sevearr- Scarred Intelligence

10/25/11 San Quinn & Tuf Luv- A Hustler’s Hope
10/25/11 The Dragons & Gorilla Pits – Monsta Squad
10/24/11 Goapele- Break Of Dawn

9/30/11 M Dot Brando- The A Side
9/27/11 The Jacka- The Indictment
9/13/11 Lee Majors- D-Boy Muzik
9/13/11 Otayo Dubb- Cold Piece Of Work
9/11/11 Locksmith- I Am Lock
9/6/11 Trey C & Playa Rae- I.L.A.M.
9/6/11 Street Fame- A Drank & A Sak

8/30/11 Game Brothas- How The West Was Won
8/30/11 Asecard- CRE-ASE-TIONS
8/30/11 Shill Macc- Thumbin Thru Thousands
8/30/11 A-1- The Book Of Adam
8/25/11 J Dub- Cruisin’ California
8/24/11 DaVinci- Feast Or Famine
8/16/11 Richie Rich- Town Bidness Volume 2
8/9/11 Equipto- Ilyich
8/9/11 Furious- Movie Life
8/2/11 80 Babiez- Product Of The Eightys
8/1/11 P Child- Metaphorically Speaking

7/26/11 J. Lately- Travel Plans
7/19/11 The Hoodstarz- Hoodstarz Radio
7/19/11 Shady Nate- Still Based On A True Story
7/19/11 San Quinn- Can’t Take The Ghetto Out A Nigga
7/19/11 Roach Gigz- B!tch, I’m A Player
7/19/11 10sion, Errelevent & Equivalent Exchange- Spitz Unlimited Vol. 2: Retribution
7/12/11 Evenodds- The Revision
7/12/11 V-White & The Politician- The Gas Station
7/7/11 The Gorilla Campaign- It’s Time
7/5/11 Swinla- City of Torture: Swinz World
7/5/11 A-Plus- Pepper Spray

6/27/11 Moe Green- Lionheart
6/15/11 Philthy Rich- Funk Season 3
6/7/11 J Rocc- Gangsta Shit

5/18/11 Kai Straw- The Tragedian’s Decoupage

3/1/11 Mike-Dash-E- Dash With Me


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