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Audio Pick: Moe Green ft. Amy Serrata- Dreamin’

Vallejo’s Moe Green has managed to gain the support of national hip hop magazines and blogs, something that only a handful of Bay Area rappers have been able to do in recent years. This may be attributed to his universal style. If it wasn’t for the numerous Vallejo references in his songs, it would be difficult to pinpoint where he was from. Moe Green is a dreamer, and he describes a couple of his dreams on “Dreamin'”, a track off Lionheart which he released this past Summer. He raps about providing a better place to live for his mom and being successful in music so he could leave a job he hates. As he mentions on the track, he has only got his feet wet, but he seems to be going on the right path to make it happen.

“Dreamin'” also features Amy Serrata, whose vocals are a nice addition to the Bedrock produced track. Two other tracks we recommend from Moe Green’s latest project are “Deja Vu” and “Iced Out Lifestyle”. The video for the latter track was one of the best Bay Area videos from 2010 and can be viewed below.

“Fuck rappin’ bout your money tree
I’m planting seeds for the Garden Of Eden
Smiles and handshakes but these broads deceivin’
Lost in the land of niggas ballin and thievin’
Dreams I ain’t reached yet I’m gettin’ my feet wet
Puttin’ on for my city you remember the V, yep
Call me what you want, Moe Greenery
I’m super high off life no greenery
I wanna get my mom brand new scenery
She don’t need to live like this but she livin’
Pops hate his job and I hate mine too
We both tryin’ to figure out what these Pro Tools do
So I’m writing, and writing, reciting bout my lifestyle
I’m living life but I want the life right now
Soundtrack to the soul of a huster
Play around with my dreams, muthafuckem”

– Moe Green


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