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Messy Marv- Shots Fired

Messy Marv Presents Shots Fired - Messy Marv

Title: Shots Fired
Artist: Messy Marv
Label: SMC Entertainment/Scalen LLC
Release Date: 4/3/12

1. Shots Fired- Messy Marv, Philthy Rich & Stevie Joe
2. Showin Off- Dame Micheals & B-Legit
3. Bitch (remix)- Keith Dixon, Mistah F.A.B., Balance, D-Willz & Pinky XXX
4. Next Door To The Devil- Dubb 20
5. Realest Doin It- Joe Blow
6. World Went Crazy- Lil Rue
7. I’m a Moron! Bitches- N-Pire The Great
8. East Oakland- Stevie Joe
9. Gotta Go- A.B.
10. Teacher- Brilliant
11. Im Grindin- Deezy & Goasy
12. Hot Wit It- Bill Bill & A.P.
13. Hater Like You- Descent & D-Tae
14. Drivin High Pt.2- Omini & Guce

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