The Best Of Bay Area Hip Hop

A-1- The Book Of Adam

Title: The Book Of Adam
Artist: A-1
Release Date: 8/30/11

1. On My Way (Exposition) (ft. Chantelle Tibbs)
2. Tina Turner (ft. Chantelle Tibbs)
3. My Name is Adam
4. Cough Cool (Conflict)
5. Youth Blood
6. The Book of Adam (Thesis)
7. Breathing ft Emily Fox
8. Hey Now
9. Dammit This is Clean (Char Siu Bao aka Davin’s Theme aka BrownTown)
10. You Say (Pimps) (ft. Big Sir)
11. I Just Wanna Part II (Sure Shot)
12. Resolution
13. Circulate
14. Winning

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